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2023 Reading Challenge
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Siargao Island, Philippines

Things To Do When in Siargao

Things To Do When in Siargao

I have already been to Siargao twice this year and I haven't even blogged anything about it yet except showing this video to you. I might as well do it now and let me just begin by saying that Siargao Island is one of the most beautiful islands I have ever seen yet.

Although I haven't been to that many beaches, Siargao is the one that left the biggest impression on me. The whole island is a total package. From its dazzling beaches to its hidden gems like Sugba Lagoon to its laidback island feel, I can really say that Siargao is truly a gem of Mindanao.

If you are having plans on visiting and seeing Siargao, I have listed some things that you should definitely not miss doing when you are there.

Go Island Hopping

There are 3 mini islands included when you avail the Island Hopping Package. You can just ask for information at the place you are staying and they will guide you to boatmen who will take you to this adventure. Renting a boat will cost you PHP1500 (good for 6 persons) and there is no time limit. 

The three islands you will be visiting are Naked Island, Daku Island and Guyam Island.

Naked Island Siargao
Naked Island
Daku Island Siargao
Daku Island
Guyam Island, Siargao
Guyam Island
Best to embark at 7 in the morning as you would need to buy food to cook for your lunch at the General Luna Market. And don't worry about getting lost, your boatmen will guide you. I suggest you have your lunch at Daku Island. You can bring your food ingredients there and let the residents cook them for you. You can choose your menu and instruct them how to cook your food with a price.

Lunch at Daku Island
Lunch at Daku Island
You can opt to spend island hopping until the end of the day, spending 2 hours on each island. But you can also go home early to explore more of what General Luna can offer.

Experience Sugba Lagoon

Sugba Lagoon

When you are already in Siargao, definitely don't miss seeing the infamous Sugba Lagoon! From General Luna, you would need to travel an hour to Del Carmen via Van/Motorcycle/Tricycle and then travel to Sugba Lagoon by boat for 30 minutes.

Upon arriving at the Del Carmen Tourism Office (the jumpoff point to Sugba Lagoon), you will be expected to pay an entrance fee that costs PHP50 for local tourist and PHP100 for foreign tourist. Boat rental to Sugba Lagoon will cost PHP1600 and is good for 6 persons for a max of 4 hours stay. You will also be asked to pay table fee of PHP50 when you get there.

I don't recommend buying your lunch at Sugba Lagoon as the food there are quite pricey, but if you have the budget for it, then why not. You can also bring your own food, I don't think there's any corkage fee there. 

Swim your heart out in the crystal clear waters of the lagoon. Try paddle boarding, rent is PHP200 per hour or PHP500 for unlimited time. Jump from the diving board. And of course, take lots and lots of photos! This place is photogenic at every angle!

Sugba Lagoon
Sugba Lagoon
Sugba Lagoon

See the Magpupungko Rock Pools

Magpupungko Rock Pools

Ask the locals on what time of day is the tide at its lowest and then book a van/motorcycle/tricycle to get you here. It's a 45-minute travel from General Luna. You can also visit Magpupungko Rock Pools on the same day with Sugba Lagoon, depending on what time the low tide is.

Explore the area, you will find hidden gems around. Swim in the pools, jump from the rocks. This place is such a beauty, just don't forget to apply your sunscreen as you will be under direct sunlight.

Magpupungko Rock Pools
Magpupungko Rock Pools

Visit The Boardwalk at Cloud 9

Boardwalk at cloud 9

Stroll at the Boardwalk around 4 in the afternoon when the sun is not that hot anymore. Watch the surfers out in the ocean, watch the sunset and just enjoy the ocean breeze.

Boardwalk at Cloud 9

Go on a Food Adventure

Harana Surf Resort
Dining in Harana Surf Resort
The area around Cloud 9 has lots of food establishments waiting to be tried out. Here are some I can recommend:
Naki in Harana Surf Resort
Naki the Pug
When you go to Harana, don't forget to look for Naki the Pug! Don't worry, he doesn't bite. He's very chill, in fact!

Cloud 9 Cafe Loka
Cafe Loka serves breakfast food all day long. Their Iced Coffee is a must try!
Bravo Siargao
Afternoon snack at Bravo Siargao
Mama's Grill
Dinner at Mama's Grill, the best barbeque house in Siargao

Viento del Mar
Having desserts at Viento del Mar. Their Creme Brulee is heaven although it's not in the photo
Try a Frozen Yogurt. I forgot what the store's name was, huhu
Shaka Siargao
Shaka Siargao Menu

Shaka Siargao
Bom Dia, Superbowl, and Berrygoodnice

Learn How to Surf

Surfing in Siargao
Or if you already had basic surfing lessons, testing out Siargao's waters is a must! It's not named as one of the Surfing Capital of the Philippines for nothing.

Take Advantage of the Sunset

Sunset in Siargao
For Instagram purpose, my friends and I set out to find a location to take advantage of the sunset 😂

Chill and Enjoy the Island Life

Magpupungko Rock Pools High Tide
One thing I loved on the island was the overall chill and laidback ambiance. I loved how friendly the people were in there, both local and foreigners alike. Throw away all your worries and stress and just enjoy the sun and the ocean. Talk to the locals, make friends. Read a book quietly at Cafe Loka. Sunbathe on the beach front. Listen to music and just people watch. You can be carefree all you want. You can do everything without having to mind how you look. This is very far-fetched from the ever glamorous Boracay where you need to look gorgeous and put together every time. And I think that is why I like Siargao better.

A Bonus: Look for this Tree

The Famous Coconut Tree in Siargao
Yes, this is the Instagram tree everyone is posting about.

I think that's all I've got. There's a lot more to see and do in Siargao and I aim to do them when I get to go back. I just wanted to share with you what I have seen and done when I was there and I hope along the way, I managed to give you an idea on how to spend your time when you are planning to go to Siargao. Also, I've put up a list of what you MUST bring when you go on a Beach Vacay. 😊

Things to bring on a beach vacation

I'll be ending this blog here. Any questions? Comments?
Let's chat in the comment section below! For now, toodles ... 😊😘


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