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2023 Reading Challenge
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Renee Reacts: Feel The Beat

Feel the Beat
Okay, so I haven't watched a movie for some time now. I think maybe a week or so? I found this on Netflix and seeing Sophia Carson leading it made me want to give it a go. I like dancing films such as Centre Stage, Bring it On, and Step Up. But while this movie has no Channing Tatum, Sophia Carson does a fantastic job at playing her self-absorbed character, April.

This movie is a story about April who was outcasted from the Broadway scene because of a mistake she did at the beginning of the movie. She was forced to go home to Wisconsin because she was kicked out from her New York apartment and being back to where she came from lead her to teach children to dance so she can qualify in a competition where she can appear in front of a Broadway master to get her career back. The settings of the story reminded me of Miley Cyrus' Hannah Montana The Movie wherein she needed to get back to her roots to appreciate all the things she has - fame and fortune. But that's where the similarities ended because this movie just keeps getting better and better after a bit of a cringefest as April's character started developing.

Feel the Beat has a lot of tender tidbits that worked through my heart making me feel sad and nostalgic at various scenes. It's either I'm just too emotional or I'm just really going through something today that as simple as a mom explaining things to her young daughter made tear up.

The movie was very fun to watch. There are a lot of funny scenes that I can't help but laugh out loud. Witty comebacks are a thing in this movie and I just loved it! And the dancing scenes! These kids here are crazy talented!

Renee Reacts: Feel The Beat

Notable Lines: 

  • "...she forgets that other people aren't as perfect as she is. So we gotta be real patient with her, ok?" - Miss Barb
  • "Then I'd at least have gotten a text message. But who cares about the dumb little sister anyway?" - Sarah

I would also like to mention that Regina Spektor's Us is played in the movie. I love it when songs I love are put in movies. Are you like that, too? No? Just me then? Okay.

I also liked how supportive the parents of the kids are. Being present in times of their dance practices and taking notes so that they can help their kids at home. And the scene where the dads got into a trash-talk fight with the competitor's dads during one of the competitions? Best scene EVER! 😂 There are a lot of adorable scenes in this movie, I felt sad, I laughed, I cried, this movie was just a roller coaster!

Best Actress: Sophia Carson as April - for portraying her role excellently
Best Actor: Dennis Andres as Coach Buzz - the most adorable dad ever! 😂
Best Supporting Actress: Donna Lynne Champlin as Miss Barb - she was great in Crazy Ex-girlfriend and she was amazing here!
Best Supporting Actor: Wolfgang Novogratz as Nick - such a CUTIE, and those dimples? OMG
Notable Performances: Kai Zen as June; Enrico Colantoni as Frank, April's Dad; Eva Hauge as Sarah; and Justin Allan as Dicky

Like all the other movies, Feel the Beat has goofs and there are scenes that I don't want to revisit again. But while this movie has its flaws, it's still a sweet, albeit a little predictable, and an overall feel-good family movie that I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a fun and light movie to watch on a slow Saturday afternoon. Go Churners!



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