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2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
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Life Lately: First Quarter of 2023

Life Lately: First Quarter of 2023 | Renee Alexis

It's Easter Sunday and I wanted to do something productive, and while I do have some things I need to take care of, I figured now's the best time to finally sit down and write a life lately post (after so many attempts in the past few weeks). 

A lot of things happened in the in-between and when I look back and think about it now, it seems that those things had to happen for some reason. 2023 is my last year in my 20's so I had a lot of introspection every now and then.

The first three months of the year have been eventful. I turned 29, went to a BTS fan event, met with friends, spent time with family, had fallouts, got reconnected with an old friend, got closer to people I met online, and the list goes on. Don't even get me started about the many releases from BTS members' solo projects which kept my fangirling life alive and kicking. 

January started so well, then came February, and then March. It seems like time is running through its course and I'm just here living it out and waiting for things to happen. I do have plans to go out and travel. To see new places and experience new horizons. I guess even if this is my last year in my 20s, I didn't pressure myself to have a bucket list to complete like I expected to when I was younger. These days, I'm on the more chill side. 

As far as my work and side hustles are concerned, everything is going well. I'm still working as a virtual assistant and I've never been more thankful because this company I'm in has given me the stability that I've been wanting. I have also established an Etsy Shop where I sell a bunch of digital products. Though I haven't been updating it much since February because I was too preoccupied with other things. I will definitely work more on it when I am in the right headspace.

Life Lately: First Quarter of 2023 | Renee Alexis

I've also cut my hair shorter and dyed it in a pinkish-purple color called fine wine. I don't do yoga on a daily basis but I do work out a few times a month. 😅 I need to be more consistent because I'm not getting any younger so I have to take care of my body, haha.

As for reading, I've read 12 books so far and I am now currently trying to get through The Once and Future Witches by Alix E. Harrow. I've challenged myself to read 30 books this year and I'm 4 books ahead of schedule so my reading life has been going well so far. I'm also posting every now and then on my bookstagram, though not as much as I did in the previous years.

I guess what I'm trying to get across is that I've been more privy to the stuff that's been happening to me these days. I don't post much on social media like I used to. I don't tweet as much, too, which is a miracle by itself because Twitter has been my safe place ever since. My hiatus on blogging and podcasting has become longer because I just don't have the motivation and inspiration to continue doing it regularly. I have become a recluse, a someone who prefers to be on the sidelines and just observe things as they happen in front of me. I no longer feel the need to voice out my thoughts or share my opinions and feelings. I no longer care about giving inspiration or sharing positivity. I've solely become a silent consumer of art, music, and literature, and it has been peaceful so far.

Durano Campsite, Kapatagan, Lanao Del Norte

I'm enjoying my life as it is right now, free from pressure and judgment from people that don't matter. And maybe the reason why I kept hesitating on writing this life lately post is that I wanted to gatekeep the things that have been happening to me some more but then, I owe it to myself to at least write something to document the things I remember before I forget the details eventually. 

Life has its ups and downs and mine wasn't exempted. Something terrible happened a few weeks ago and I'm still recuperating from it. I didn't get tickets to Suga's concert in Singapore even though I've prayed and manifested for it so many times. Plans change because people change and all I can do is accept all of these things because they are out of my control. I've long since learned that we do not get everything that we want but that doesn't mean that it's the end of everything. Although unfair, life has a funny way of giving you the things you truly need. And trust me when I say that when that happens, it will make you happier than what you originally planned. 

As I end this blog post, I just wanna share that I've been in a place so happy in the past few weeks. I'm in a good state of mind and my heart is healthy. Some things may not have gone as planned but I've learned once again to see the bright side of things. I am looking forward to all the plans I've made this year. I hope I get to do them! 

Thank you, dear reader, for still being here. You are appreciated. xoxo


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