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2021 Reading Challenge
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My Year in Asian Drama (and other fangirlings) | 2020 Wrap Up Part 1

We find ourselves at the end of the year once again. Every year since 2016, it has become my tradition to sit down, reflect, and write down a long post to commemorate the year that has just passed. For four years, I've rounded up my thoughts on what happened to those particular years, and this time, I am going to divide it up into 3 parts just because.

2020 has been one hell of a year, to say the least, but despite all the hardships and tragedy that happened this year, I don't want to discredit the things that have made my year somewhat better. One thing that got me through the tough times is by consuming a lot of Asian series. Watching these dramas made me forget what's happening in the real world (even for just a few moments). And I think it's okay to pause and breathe for a while, to be in a state of oblivion and be entertained with shows that tickle our fantasies.

My Year in Asian Drama - Kdrama

This year, I've watched a lot of wonderful Asian dramas and I am going to talk all about them in this post. This is also the year that I was introduced to the BL Universe and got sucked in. And as if these things weren't enough, I also fell down the BTS rabbit hole and had become a Jimin-hoe after two nights of binge-watching BTS YouTube videos. Despite the fact that I had to save up more, this was also the year that I threw away my savings goal to splurge on fan merch. Oh god, I don't want to be even reminded of how much I've already spent on my BrightWin obsession (and Taylor Swift and now BTS). 

My Year in Asian Drama - Thai Drama

Anyway, here are the series I've watched this year. I'll be putting up stars to the ones that I've immensely enjoyed and hearts to the series that I loved!

  1. Crash Landing On You 💖
  2. Kingdom ⭐️
  3. My Name is Kim Sam Soon
  4. Memories of the Alhambra
  5. Secret Garden ⭐️
  6. Hyde, Jekyll, Me
  7. Another Miss Oh (Hae Yong)
  8. Reply 1988 💖 (a rewatch and forever favorite!)
  9. The King: Eternal Monarch ⭐️
  10. Fated to Love You (the original one - also a rewatch)
  11. 2gether The Series 💖
  12. Hotel Del Luna
  13. Hospital Playlist 💖
  14. Dr. Romantic ⭐️
  15. Tharntype The Series ⭐️
  16. Dark Blue Kiss ⭐️
  17. Kiss Me Again
  18. Still 2gether 💖
  19. Kiss: The Series
  20. It's Okay to Not Be Okay ⭐️
  21. Dr. Romantic 2
  22. Suspicious Partner
  23. It's Okay, It's Love ⭐️
  24. Mirabella
  25. Gaya sa Pelikula ⭐️
  26. Start-Up ⭐️
  27. Theory of Love ⭐️

Wow, I did not expect this list to reach that number. And that's not even counting the English Series I've watched and the on-going series I'm following! That's really a lot of screen time... but when the pandemic started and we were furloughed, I turned to watching series to pass the days. I guess having a lot of free time after having no free time at all sent me into a spiral of binge-watching TV series I've been wanting to get to.

I'll just talk about a few favorites here because if I'll talk about all of the titles I've mentioned, it will take us the whole day. 😂 Let's start with Crash Landing On You. This series was such a big hit at the beginning of the year. The hype was so huge, I was persuaded to watch it, and I didn't regret it. I love Hyun Bin! And because of this series, I binge-watched his old shows - My Name is Kim Sam Soon, Memories of the Alhambra, Secret Garden, and Hyde, Jekyll, Me. LOL, obsessed much? Yes, that's me. I obsess - a lot.

Speaking of obsession, the series that started my BL addiction is 2gether. Up to this date, I am obsessed with the show, the characters, and the actors. Hello, BrightWins!!! I wrote a blog entry dedicated to all my feels about this series so I won't blabber about it here anymore. 😅

The second BL series I watched was Tharntype and if you had watched this series, you'd know how shocked I was because this series was SUPER different from 2gether. Oh. My. God. XXX 😂 I was not expecting such heavy scenes but I AM HERE FOR IT. Season 2 is currently airing and I am ecstatic to have something to look forward to every Friday. 😁

Also, I just finished watching Theory of Love, like a few hours ago, and I get it now why OffGun is much loved! I'm a fan now - although not as much a fan as I am with BrightWin, haha!

And the last BL thing I want to talk about is TayNew's Dark Blue Kiss. I don't know why but there's just something about these BL dramas that make me so happy. DBK is the reason why I watched Kiss The Series and Kiss Me Again - just because I wanted more of TayNew. Again, I obsess. LOL.

Looking back, I'd conclude this year was a great Asian Drama Watching Year for me (if that's even a thing). Have you watched any of the titles mentioned above? How was your year in terms of series-watching? What was your favorite series this year? Maybe you could recommend to me a series to watch! Let's talk in the comment section. 😁

I'll be ending this post here. Tomorrow, I'll be back with another year wrap up post. If you reached this point, thank you for reading! I know this is not much of a post - basically just a girl blabbing about the shows she loved watching. But you know, still, thank you dear reader for giving this post the time of your day. You are appreciated. 😊 xx



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