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2023 Reading Challenge

2023 Reading Challenge
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The Happy List Vol. 08

The Happy List Vol. 08 - Renee Alexis

I just realized that it has been nearly 2 years since I've made a happy list post. And so, at 2 in the morning, I decided to write this. Today's my second day in the Philippines and my body clock is still as messed up as ever. I was watching the final episode of Glow Up when my journal caught my eye. It's been a while since I wrote something there. I didn't even have the motivation to fill it up and make elaborate spreads for this month, I only ever did the cover page and the calendar overview.

Anyway, back to the main point. I just thought about sharing the things that made my heart happy in the past few weeks. Here goes. 😊


This was the game I was talking about in my No Regrets post. I was so obsessed with this game when I was in high school, and I thought I would never be able to play it again since it's server has closed down 10 years ago. I discovered one day that there was a server running this game today and I found out how to install it from YouTube. Imagine my excitement when I finally had this on my laptop! I was over the moon happy and I just played all the songs I loved. To put it simply, I sucked! After years of not being able to play it, my fingers were stiff. 😂 But now, being able to play it almost every day, I can proudly brag that I don't suck that much anymore. 😜 This and Audition were my addictions 10 years ago. What about you? Have you played this game?

Hospital Playlist

Hospital Playlist

This Korean drama might just be my second all-time favorite next to Reply 1988. Its simple and uncomplicated plot just transported me into a really happy place when I watched it. This show made me laugh out loud, made me tear up, made my heart flutter, and gave me major LSS from all the songs they featured in it. My favorite tunes are Lonely Night, Aloha, and Oh! What A Shiny Night and these are all in my repeat playlist since I finished the drama almost 2 weeks ago. I love the friendship between each character, the way they care about each other, and how they made time to hang out with each other despite their very busy schedules. It's a very realistic depiction of how a doctor's life pans out in the hospital, how they are on-call, and how they take care of their patients. It makes me re-think all the decisions in my life and made me question myself why I didn't take up med, haha!

The Kissing Booth 2

The Kissing Booth 2

I originally wanted to write a Renee Reacts post for this one but I lost the momentum as I postponed it again and again. So I'll just say my two cents here. I really loved the movie. If you don't know this yet about me, I am a huge sucker for chick flicks. Give me a cliched, romantic, idealistic, even over the top cringe-y teen movie and I will devour it. The first movie was great but this sequel was a cherry on top. I love the new characters, especially Taylor Zhakar Perez who played Marco - the second love interest in the movie. I usually stick to the original love team but in this film, I find myself incredibly attracted to the second male lead. #TeamMarco all the way! I had butterflies throughout the movie, I didn't just watch it once. I am excited about the third movie which will be released in 2021. I can't wait for more Marco scenes!!!

Bonding with Friends

The last two weekends before I left Dubai, I spent time bonding with my closest friends. We slept over and celebrated someone's birthday in advance. We talked until morning and listened to songs together. We laughed our asses off and just had a really pretty good time. I'm going to miss this bunch. Thank you guys, for making my Dubai life extra colorful. 😘💖

My New Specs!

Last week, I accidentally sat on my old glasses and it broke into three pieces. I was heartbroken because having specs is a necessity for this blind tita. Thankfully, I was able to get a new one! I think my old glasses was due to expire because that was already 3 years old. Really, getting a new one was long overdue. 😜 (refer to the first photo for my new glasses)

Still 2gether

Last but not least is this Thai BL drama that was released last week. I'm a huge fan of the first season and getting a second season was heaven! I was over the top happy to see Bright and Win on screen again as Sarawat and Tine. My heart is full! 💙

The past few months have been mentally draining and consuming. But despite all the negative things, I'm thankful that there are still little things that gave me happiness and joy to endure the months of being jobless and just staying at home.

What's your happy list?



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